Lets just settle down a little bit…

I have said it once and I will say it again; there is nothing America loves more than an undrafted ivy league baller.
Incase you don’t have ESPN or the internet Jeremy Lin stepped up from the bench to start for the Knicks the last few games, placing the team on his Harvard educated shoulders with Melo and Stodamire out. He scored 23, 28 and 25 in his first three starts with at least 7 assists per game. Monster stuff from a relative unknown.

His story is crazy. Out of highschool he was mostly overlooked, not getting any scholarship offers so he did what most would do. He went to Harvard. He played well while earning a degree in econ. Yup Mr. Lin is a college grad, a Harvard grad at that. As I have said before I don’t have issue with dudes that leave early for the pros but I really respect the guys that finish their degrees.

After his 4 years in college he was ignored by the pros, only being signed as an undrafted free agent by Golden State. In a move that some claimed was a publicity stunt. Some thought GS only signed him since he was of Taiwanees decent to appeal to the large Asian community in the Bay area. Jeremy says it’s hooey and if his last games have anything to say about it he aint lying.

3 games is a pretty small sample but a little hype is always fun. His cards are on fire. Even un-autographed base cards like this guy,
have been selling for 10 bucks on ebay. His autos are going from $50 on up.

I think the reason for the high card prices have less to do with his run as it does with the lack of any real excitement from last years rookie class. Once you get past John Wall it gets a little thin. The prospect of a second big name has people salivating.

I hope he keeps his run going, he seems like a good dude. I just wish I had some of his cards.



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