I will always…

I came downstairs after putting my son to bed and my wife says, “Whitney Houston is dead.”

Whitney Houston has a few cards here and there and has a nice little place in American sports history. Anyone over about the age of 27 or so should remember her epic performance of the national Anthem during the 1991 Super Bowl. For the younger readers the game was played under the shadow of the 1st Gulf War and similar to the 2001 World Series the game and the National Anthem in particular carried a great deal of emotion.

Pro Set created this card to commemorate the event.

Whitney had a rough go of late but for me her performance in 1991 will always be my lasting memory of the lady.



One response to “I will always…

  1. I’ve watched that about one hundred times. Greatest rendition overall, including the gusto with which she did it, ever done. Here’s to future crap on a stick for Bobby “pos” Brown.

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