Larry Legend…

Larry Bird is one of the all time greats, you could even make an argument for him be second or third.

One place wheree he is number one with out rival is in horrible/embarrassing pictures on a trading card. Let me demonstrate.
Doesn’t really strike fear into the hearts of opponents does it?

Larry played in the short short era of the NBA yet his shorts always seemed just a bit shorter.

Upper Deck just dropped some preview images of their upcoming Goodwin Champions including this beaut.
I saw shorts similar to the pair LB has one in this picture the other day and they weren’t on a man.

Just imagine how great Larry would have been if he wore unis large enough to allow full blood flow to his extremities.



3 responses to “Larry Legend…

  1. Hey, If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Anyways, Larry never looked smooth on the court. He just got the job done.

  2. It’s even worse because Upper Deck is stuck using pictures from Larry during his college years. Later in his pro career he didn’t look quite as goofy. The nose, hair and short shorts were a tough combo though.

  3. I agree with Offy. Some guys look better as they get older. I’d put Joe Torre in that category as well as Bird.

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