First stab at a custom…

I was looking through some cards and came across this little guy.
A very cool subject.

I am always drawn to any DC themed card. My wife and I lived in the District for a few years when we were first married, just a few blocks from the White House and could see the Washington Monument from our little backyard (we lived in a townhouse so we had a backyard that was about 10 foot by 8 foot).

Something about the ’07 Ginter Washington Monument card always bugged me though. When you look at the image on the card it appears they used a picture taken during an event, probably 4th of July. You can see big flood light set up around the base, a big screen right in front of the monument and tons of revelers in the foreground.

Not the most serene of images. In fact it looks downright ominous.

I tried my hand at a Ginter custom to improve on the ’07 card. Here is the result.
I am not all that skilled at photo editing, well more correctly I don’t have a very good program here at home. I have photoshop at work but I wouldn’t feel right using it for personal use so here is what I have. I wish I could have done more with the fading around the sides.

I really like this image of the monument. It’s taken for the Tidal Basin with Cherry Blossoms around the edges. Very classic.

What do ya’ll think?



8 responses to “First stab at a custom…

  1. I do most of my custom stuff in powerpoint, actually, which is somewhat surprising. HEre’s a trick you could use:

    Draw a starburst in powerpoint, then fill it with the picture of the monument. Then you can blur the edges a little and it’s less uniform.

    I do like the picture you chose more than the card.

  2. i like your photo selection better. looks cool.

  3. I like the photo. Maybe a little bit smaller would work better. It’s funny, I was just randomly looking at a small box of 2007 Ginter’s an hour ago and I think I saw that card. Coincidences are so coincidental.

  4. Another blogger doing a better job than the “professionals”. Very nice indeed.

    the cardboard snob

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