Lin by the numbers…

On their blog Panini posted some very nice looking charts showing the increase in sale price of a number of Jeremy Lin’s auto cards.

The charts and the fact I have been working on budget projections reports at work inspired me to do a little analysis.

The overall shape of the charts is similar. The steps of increase for the 4 cards shown are pretty similar, not too surprising. Where it gets interesting is when you look at the initial cost of each card.

National Treasures was selling for $22 before the rise and saw a monster return of 8863% on that initially investment. Huge by anyones standards.
Timeless Treasures started out at around the same price, but recent sales are just $225. That is only 1125%. The difference in end price makes sense. NT will be his best card and has a lower print run. But why were they selling for what is basically the same price a few weeks ago? Very interesting.

The Leaf Limited also started out around $20 and has seen a strong 3379% increase. Almost exactly 3 times as much as TT. Once again the recent price makes sense compared to the other two cards but that initial price is still a mystery.

Classic started out much lower at just $4. Recent sale price is a little more than TT but that lower initial costs gives you a whopping 5750% return.

What have we learned?

I am a little surprised overall. I would have guessed that all 4 would have seen similar increases. I didn’t figure the difference would be so significant. From this you could make a statement that the highest of the high and lowest of the low is where you will see the most movement. Makes sense, you go for the bargain or the best.

If you have a time machine go back 2 weeks and buy National Treasure Lin rookies. If you can’t find any buy 5 Classic versions. You should probably stay away from Timeless Treasures.

For the record I would go for the Classic. I just think it’s the best looking of the bunch.



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