Say it aint so…

On Saturday ESPN reported that the Steelers would not make a move to hold onto Hines Ward.
Ward is a beast, easily one of the toughest receivers all time. Other guys have taken hits like Hines but no one else, not a single guy, jumped up afterwards with a smile on his face.

In his prime Big Ben could toss any pass his way and Hines was good for 8-10 yards. He wasn’t the deep threat of hs fellow ’98 draft pick Randy Moss but he was mister reliable.

I would hate to see him suit up for another team, it would really bother me. I don’t blame Ward, he has to do what he has to do. I know it’s a business but still.

There has been some talk that Hines is willing to take less cash to stay in the ‘burgh. He has made it known he doesn’t want to play for anyone else. Come on Rooney Family do the right thing and keep number 86 in the black and gold.

His rookies are a relative bargin.
There are plenty to choose from. But very few autos/relics.

This guy is easily my favorite from my collection.

Even if he never plays again he has a solid shot at Canton. He is in the top 20 in career receiving yards, ahead of a number of HOFers, Michael Irvin for instance. Career receiving TDs he is tied for 13th all time and is just the 8th guy with 1000 career receptions. Not too shabby.

If Hines decides not to play anymore he can also go back to dancing.



3 responses to “Say it aint so…

  1. There’s no question in my mind Ward belongs in the HOF right now. He did everything you could ask of a WR and more. I don’t know if we’ll ever see another receiver so fearless when it comes to hitting and blocking like him. The Steelers surely wouldn’t be the same without him so I hope they can keep him around a bit longer.

  2. Unlike the Ochos and Owens of the world Hines was never bigger than the team, and he has the hardwarde to show for it.

    • Yeah! That and you could tell he loved to play the game, and to be a Steeler, if it wasn’t already obvious after he said he’d take a pay cut to stay with them.

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