Limited engagement…

In the aforementioned box from Panini was a little 2011 Limited Football love.

I have no experience with Limited, in any sport, so this was a brand new experience. Limited occupies an interesting little place in the wax world. It’s a once pack per box deal, not as high end as stuff like National Treasure, but much higher scale than Prestige for instance. Limited does seem to have a loyal fan base and this yearโ€™s release should keep them happy.

A box will run around $100, a roll of the dice for sure and not for the faint of heart or wallet.

You get two base cards.
Not too bad. The cards look better in person, not as dark as they look in the scan. I like them. Bonus points since Panini uses different picture on the backs of the cards. Base are numbered to 499. Pretty low run for base, dare i say a limited run. Speaking of numbers check this.
Nicks card is 88/499. 88 is his jersey number, ebay 1/1!!!

You also get one Phenom/rookie.
These are also numbered to 499. This set has mainly lesser draft picks and non-skill position guys. Cool enough.

You also get one Legend card, and this one is sweet.
The black and silver of the raiders looks great in black and white. This card has class, I am a huge fan. Also numbered to 499.

I got the one prescribed insert.
On first look it seemed dull, but it’s growing on me. It seems familiar, it reminds me of another design but i can’t place it. Not bad but probably my least favorite of the box.

You are promised at least one relic and I do pretty well.
I have pulled a mess of Kyle R cards this year, I hope he turns out. The card itself is cool. I like the candid and the action shot. Nice balance. Numbered to 99.

I also pulled an auto version of the same set.
AJ Green, pretty sweet. This is the lowest print run of the box, just 25. AJ is a stud so this is a cool get.

I sure hope AJ turns out to be a star because I got this as well.
A duel relic of AJ and Mark Ingram. This could turn out to be a pretty nice card. It is numbered to 100. It may be my favorite looking card of the box. I like the blue.

As I said this is a roll of the dice. This yearโ€™s monster rookie class means you have a nice shot at a good name.



5 responses to “Limited engagement…

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–plain white jersey swatches do NOT belong in $100+ products. Panini isn’t the only one guilty of this, but they sure could help buck this idiotic trend.

  2. Love the Bo Jackson Legend card. I would love to see more memorabilia/auto cards of his included in releases. With Panini jumping to baseball with Contenders, they could even do a dual promo in both their football and baseball boxes of his items. I would love to see some baby blue Royals jerseys chopped up on to cards of his.

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