Who’s your favorite?

Panini released preview images of Jeremy Lin’s first card in a Knicks uniform from the upcoming hoops set.
A card that is sure to cause a stir. I bet it will be similar to the craze a few years ago over Brett Favre’s first cards as a Jet and then as a Viking. Hopefully that’s the last time Lin is compared to Favre in anyway.

I like the card, not just for the design or the man himself but more so for the colorful cast of characters in the background.

At first the dude with the beard just to the right of Lin was my favorite. He looks so happy. Then I found myself drawn to the half a face of the lady with the intense bags to the left of Lin’s arm. I really wanted to say the dude on the left bottom with the headphones was my favorite guy, but that seems to obvious. I also really like the two folks up top that look like they are peaking over the cross bar design deal.

Eventually I ended up back with the bearded dude. He looks so pleasant and happy. I wish I was his neighbor. I bet he would lend me his chainsaw or maybe a wheelbarrow. I would imagine his wife makes great cookies too.



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