I believe in a thing called love…

I don’t use the word love very often. I love my wife, I love my kids, I love Waffle House sausage egg and cheese wraps, and I love this card.
I was thinking about this the other night and feel confident saying it is my favorite football card all time.

’89 Pro Set is a monster set and my favorite football release. I love the design and have fond memories of busting boxes with my dad and brother back in the day. I remember one winter night we dropped my mother and sister off at the Ordway in Saint Paul for a concert and we hit Shinders and picked up a box. From my 3rd of the box I pulled 2 Sanders, including the one up top. At one point I had a full 9 pocket sheet of these guys.

Sanders was a monster on the field and even bigger in the hobby.

I have cards worth far more but this is hands down my favorite football card.


5 responses to “I believe in a thing called love…

  1. Ah Shinders…I dropped a lot of money there.

  2. I used to go there all the time before they went out of business. A few years ago a fomer employee of Shinders told me that the mangers would have them break boxes and pull the good cards and then re-pack what they opened and sell them. I guess they did this a lot from what he was telling me. Kinda sad I wasted so much money there.

  3. Dang, I thought this was gonna be a post on the greatness of The Darkness!

  4. Even though they produced way too many cards I always thought Pro Set did cards right. Nice design, reasonable cost and all the players you could want on every team plus a recap of the previous season. It would be nice if a current company in any sport could put out a set like this.

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