The way it should be…

Panini has a mess of pictures of the packout of 2011-12 Hoops.

One picture in particluar make me very happy.
36 packs baby!

Split it into two 18 packs halves, or 4 stacks of 9. It’s perfect.

I tend to lament the good old days and 36 packs is somehting from that time that needs to make a return in a big way.

The cards look good too.



One response to “The way it should be…

  1. They’ll need the 36 packs since this is a huge set, but it needs to be a huge set. It’ll be interesting to see if this comes close to being a modern version of a Hoops set or if it is just another Panini set with the Hoops name slapped on it. Panini failed miserably with their Studio set so my hopes aren’t too high for this one. I want it to be good and will buy a few packs, but I’ll most likely end up regretting it.

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