Angel’s autos…

On Twitter Topps posted some pictures of Albert Pujols signing some cards. Not to get too technical but through some fancy computering I was able to get a nice shot of some of the cards.


The captions of the various posts mentioned both A&G and Gypsy Queen. I am gonna guess these are Gypsy Queen. I will say they are some damn fine looking on card autos right there. A nice shot of him in an Angels uni will sure to go ver well with collectors. The cards look to have a nice thickness to them as well. I am a big fan.

Pujols may have one of the nicer autos. He also does a good job making sure his sig fits the space.

Another shot showed was look to be A&G minis.
Not just nice looking cards but look at that table top. Very nice inlay work.



2 responses to “Angel’s autos…

  1. The first photo actually looks like autographs for 2012 Topps Museum Collection (formerly known as Topps Marquee).

  2. How about a relic card featuring bits of tables that players signed cards on? Feel free to run with that one, Topps!

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