Auto sickness…

Tons of people have Kobe autos or Jeter autos, even flavor of the year Bryce Harper autos are pretty common. But not many people have on of these.
On card baby.

I got this signed at a card show in Mn back around 1989 or 1990. I am pretty sure I got it signed for maybe a buck or two.

Nokes had a great rookie year but never lived up to expectations. His 1988 Topps card is a great looking card. There is something classic about the Tigers road uni here.

Before anyone asks, no this isn’t up for trade. This beauty is staying with me.



One response to “Auto sickness…

  1. I remember the huge hype with him. I had over a full page of this card (18+ cards). I used to get all the rookie cup cards because I always thought they’d be worth a bunch. Hey, I was young.

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