How does this guy not have more cards…

For starters I am going to assume everyone here knows Jimmy Valvano’s story, if not got to wikipedia and check it out. I’ll wait… OK.

His NC State Wolfpacks crazy run in 1983 to upset UVa and finally Phi Slama Jama to win the NCAA Title is one of the greatest underdog stories in sports history.

That alone should be enough to get him in a Ginter set or something. The picture above would be perfect.

The mans most famous moment may be his speech at the 1993 ESPYs. If you haven’t seen it got check it out on youtube, I will wait… Ok. Such composure and presence. I love when he tells the director to got to hell in Italian when they give him the 30 seconds left signal. You forget how sick he was until Dick Vitale and Coach K have to help him down the steps.

I have only watched about 10 minutes of the ESPYs live, ever, and luckily for me it was his speech.

Someone needs to make a modern card of the man. I think you may have to go with a picture from the ESPY speech.

The only awards speech that has more emotion and power is Mister Rodgers at the ’97 Emmys. Only Mister Rodgers could walk into a room full of so much ego and take over. My favorite part is when he has a moment of silence for those that helped us get where we are and not a soul makes a sound. Come to think of it where is Mister Rodgers A&G card? come on, the revolving door but no Mister Rodgers!



2 responses to “How does this guy not have more cards…

  1. I second that! Mr. Rodgers for sure!

  2. Fred ROGERS is a class act.

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