Pitchers and catchers…

Yesterday Twins pitchers and catchers reported to camp. The rest of the team is due in by Thursday.

I wish I could say I was more excited but after last season the twins have a lot of work to do.

The off season moves seemed far more focused on loss than gain. Plus our two key guys are far from back on their feat.

The once toasts of the town seems miles away from their MVP greatness. Sure both have injuries but it seems more than that. They seemed struggle with the role of “star” or even “superstar”. Even the typically Minnesota Nice sports media are a little tired of the act. Check out this story from the Star Tribune. To summarize Joe Mauer needs to realize the “aww shucks” attitude doesn’t work when you are making the money he does.

He needs to be the leader of the team.

The Twins have a batch of young guys that need leadership. There is a ton of potential but they need the old guys, Mauer and Morneau to be clubhouse leaders. I am just not sure they have it in them. Unfortunately not everyone is a leader.



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