Plates and Patches review…

Last year I had Plates and Patches as one of my picks for most fun break of the year. I eagerly awaited this years release, did it live up to my expectations, did it let me down? Lets see.

The break down was similar to last years with two main changes. One was very good, one a little bit of a let down.

The latter of the two was the box. Last year this was a nice little plastic box with a hinged top. It was part of what it made it so much fun. This year it’s a hinged cardboard box. It was still a fun break but I mis the plastic box. Not a huge deal but I was about 13% bummed out. A big plus was that they stuck with the little box inside the big box. It gives the break a nice high end feel. I am not sure why but one the one pack per box products a little box is way better than a big fat “wax” pack.

The second difference is very welcome. Last year the rookie patch autos came encapsulated this year they aren’t. I am a big fan, I don’t like encapsulated cards.

OK on to the actual cards.

The base design is similar to last year. These are a love or hate type of deal. I like the embellishment of the foil, the scrolly little bits are cool.

I am not the biggest fan of the red foil. It makes the name and logo very hard to see. It’s a bold color, but fell a little short.

Base are numbered to 299.

I also got one rookie base.
It’s a silver version numbered to 100. The silver works much better. A solid looking base rookie card. Bonus points for a fullback card. You don’t see a ton of FB love these days.

On to the inserts. But are they really inserts if you get almost as many of them as base? Hmmmm…

I like this design. It’s a big improvement over last years Blitz, and I liked those as well. The photo on the front is strong. It’s very crisp and has an almost HD look. The back offers something I really love on a card.
A different photo on back from the one up front. Hells yeah.

I think I like the back photo a little better. The gritted teeth look is pretty badass.

Numbered to 249.

The next card is timely and cool.
I really like this card. The nice big gold foil Honors bit looks great in person. It feels like an award or something. The fact this is Hines Ward is even cooler. A perfect subset for one of the greats.

Also numbered to 249.

How about some relics.

I am guessing this is bronze. Looks good. The orangish color looks nice with the blue uni. As far as a simple relic goes these are nice enough. Numbered to 99 and headed to Michigan as soon as Denis sends me his address again.

I really like this card. I like it more the more I look at it. The high def looking pictures look great with the simple design. Another great photo. I love V-Browns eyes, so intense.

Numbered to 299. Weird that the relic is numbered higher than the base.

Last relic is also cool.

CJ is an interesting cardboard specimen. He may be the only guy I would rather pull a relic of than his auto. His auto is so weak that’s it’s a bummer to pull.

Numbered to 299, also higher nubering than the base.

I know many don’t like single color relics in higherendy stuff, but these are nice looking cards and work for me.


I pulled two base autos, both rookies.
I always want to call this guy Costanza, I guessed I watched too much Seinfeld. He has a nice auto and this is a silver version numbered to 100 of the 1st rounder.

So who will Tony be protecting next fall? Peyton or Luck?

I also got this guy.
A base version to 199. I tend t pull a lot of Bears TEs.

The final card is the star of the show. I love these cards.
These are my favorite auto/relic RCs of 2011. The landscape design, the nice little round patch piece, the good use of foil. A sweet card.

Check out the photo, it’s right before he catches the ball, a sweet shot.

Kendall aint the best get, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

The card back is also cool.
A different picture, always appreciated. I also like that it is portrait versus the front sides landscape. I don’t know why but I really like that.

The card has decent heft. A great RC all around.

Another fun break from Plates and Patches.



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