Tristar TNA Reflexxions review…

Tristar sent me a box of their new TNA Impact Reflexxions to review.
The first thing I noticed was the box itself is serial numbered out of 2400.
A nice little touch. I don’t think Tristar gets enough cred for their lower print runs.

the box states 3 autos, at least one being a multi auto, and one relic.

The base cards are cool enough.
I am not the biggest wrestling fan these days, so many of the younger guys I don’t know, but there are plenty of older dudes. Look how badass Taz looks.

There are plenty of lady wrestlers. Some are quit reveling, but my mom reads this site so I will keep it a little more PG and not so PG13. I will say I don’t know much about Ms. Love up there but she sure has a skinny waist, almost freakishly skinny.

The base cards focus on posed photos like these, which is OK. I would have enjoyed some nice action shots, but the set seems to focus a little more on the individual personalities so the posed photos work just fine.

You also get two base parallels. both of mine were numbered to 40.
Hows that for contrast. One is the biggest pro-wrestler all time, the other is wearing a pick vest.

Hulk looks pretty tough BUT I miss the old fashion yellow tighted Hulkamaniac. Tristar didn’t let me down.

Hulk looking good and Kurt Angle looking really old. He sure has lost some bulk hasn’t he.

These cards are from the Steiners world series in the set. The back offers up Scott Steiner’s thoughts on various wrestlers. Scott calls Kurt Angle the greatest wrestler all time. I am not sure about that one.

This series is interesting. It asks various wrestlers if they watch the Super Bowl for the game or the comercials. Interesting question. I do like that the lovely women up above are wearing uniforms to recreate the 2002 Super Bowl.

For the record Velvet Sky likes the commercials and Traci says she prefers the Grey Cup.

We also have the Fast Traxx series.
The card back tells you about the wrestlers favorite rides. Ms Sky has a Trailblazer. She also states one of her dreams cars is a monster truck. Mr. Anderson states on his card he lives in NYC so he doesn’t own a car. Who says wrestlers aren’t environmentally friendly.

I got one Foil card
It looks cool in person, lots of shine. It’s numbreed to 40.

Hit wise I got some cool stuff.

This was a bit of a Matt Morgan hot box. I pulled his foil card and his auto.
Numbered to 50. I like the foil frame around the auto. It works well with the design.

Matt Moore also popped up on my duel auto.
Crismson there has a pretty sweet signature. This is numbered to 99. The card has a slight foil look to it. It’s a very attractive card.

My final auto is a doozy.
Gail Kim numbered to 5. Ms. Kim had a nice little run in the WWE and has been the TNA ladies champ. I also learned on her wikipedia page that she is engaged to Dinner Imposible host Robert Irvine. who knew?

My final hit was a duel relic.
I am guessing Karen Jarrett must be married to dale Jarrett. She has a heck of a hairdo, lots of altitude there. Numbered to 199.

The set is nice. Lots of variety. Some of the bigger names have as many as 5-6 different cards in the set. Great for fans. The set is also fun in that it offers up some interesting tidbits about your favorite grapplers.

The cards have a nice look and the 3 autos and 1 relic offer good value.



5 responses to “Tristar TNA Reflexxions review…

  1. I turned on TNA the other night just to see what was going on and to show my kids some of the ridiculousness…there was so much “T & A” that i had to shut it off. Do the men even wrestle anymore? Every match seemed to be half naked women rolling around. I’m not complaining, but come on! The kids are watching!

  2. While TNA may not be my favorite wrestling brand, I’ve got to say Tristar has done an excellent job w/ this set. The guaranteed hits are very appealing when trying to decide retail versus hobby. I’d like to see what Tristar could do if they had a WWE license.

  3. I haven’t opened a wrestling product in years. It’s nice to see the number of hits in a wrestling product now to include more autographs. And love the Knockouts cards…reminds me of some good Benchwarmer stuff.

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