Topps win…

Topps dropped some knowledge on the world via the twitter.

These are some shots of uncut sheets of ’83 reprint minis. Topps states they are to be signed and put in A&G style frames. Awesome. It appears we will get a mix of straight up ’83 reprints of old timers and cards of modern dudes. Also awesome.

For a bleeding heart ’80s card fan this is pretty bad ass.

Here are a few more cards.
I am a big fan of the Blyleven. I also think I see a Eckersley peaking out on the left side of the top picture. Very nice player selection from what can be seen.

I sure hope Ben Revere or Denard Span have an auto in this set.

These will be in the Archives release.

Well done Topps.



7 responses to “Topps win…

  1. I like these a lot and can them being very popular on the secondary market. There are some big names up there so I’m wondering how limited they’ll be.

  2. All of them will be signed? Or will there be an unsigned version? I’m not really a fan of “certified autographs.”

  3. If your auto collection is only for you and you never envision selling it, then in person autos are great. I have a few myself, and I will leave them to my kids to do with what they will. But if you were to try to sell, I think you would be hard-pressed. There have been too many forgeries/issues with non-certified autos

    • I agree. But if I was in it for the money, it wouldn’t be any fun. I’ve been there before and I never want to go back.

      I like these cards, don’t get me wrong. I just hope there are non-autographed versions that will be more affordable to this collector on a very tight budget.

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