We need this set…

The Simpsons is a classic show, but for my money the best Matt Groening show is Futurama.
I have even passed on my love to my son. Hos room is decorated with Benders, Zoidbergs and even a Lrrr here and there.

I would love to see my two obsessions combined. We need a Futurama set.

I would go right at it and have the first 20 cards or so be straight up character cards. Simple “shots of the stars and best characters.
Maybe mix it up with some fun screen caps.

The main guys are easy picks. Beyond the planet Express crew you can start to get to the really fun guys.
I would also go with Scruffy, Hedonism-bot, Hypnotoad, Ndnd, Clamps, URL, and the headless body of Spiro T. Agnew, to name a few.

Oh yeah, you need the ship on a card too.
I would put it only behind the Millennium Falcon on the list of best space ships all time.

I would also have SP versions of the top characters. Here are a few examples.

I would also go super SP with cards of the voice behind the characters.
Bonus nerds point if you know who this guy is.

Hts could be autos of voice actors and guys like David X. Cohen and Matt G. They could also do some cool sketch cards.

I would also do a subset/insert set of the Vice Presidential Action Rangers.
Gary Gygax, Al Gore, Michelle Nichols, Stephen Hawking and summer intern Deep Blue. If they could do an auto version it would be epic. Sadly Gary Gygax would have to be a cut auto.

I would buy a box or two.



5 responses to “We need this set…

  1. A Futurama card set? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

  2. That would be an epic set it would be the only master set id ever try to do

  3. I think i remember seeing someone that made a set based on Magic card designs. It couldn’t have been an actual release. Maybe on a fan site or something. Regardless…someone call ITG. Dr. Price should get a crack at these.

  4. I have a question, how do you know that last SP is Bender in disguise and not actually his brother Flexo? (Just joking)

    Joking aside, I would love to see a Futurama set. There have been multiple Simpsons and Family Guy sets the love now needs to be sent to the 31st Century. Cryptozoic Entertainment or Rittenhouse Archives would probably do a nice job putting together a set. Rittenhouse might be a better option, they do an excellent job with sketch cards and autographs.

  5. yes. Yes. and YES.


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