This way or that way?

Panini dropped the first silhouette patch cards a few years ago and they got some nice buzz. They have dopped some new bball silhouettes over the last month or so from their upcoming Crown Royale Basketball.

I like them but there is something about a few of them that sits a little off for me. Let me demonstrate.

Which do you prefer




Focus on the overall feel of the card. Not the player selection, patch or hairdo.

I prefer A. Here is why.

Design wise these cards are naturally weighted toward the left side. The picture pulls you towards that side. On most designs, and these in particular, it works best when the player faces towards the center of the card.

Here are some more examples.

Heading off the card:
Even my man Stockton is in this category
To be fair he is a little more towards the middle.

On the flip side we have these:
Pat Riley never should have lost that beard.

See what I mean.

This card is a bit of an exception to the rule.
He is facing off the side of the card but he looks like he is leaning back towards the center of the card.

All that said these are pretty sick cards all around. The giant patch, the cool die-cutting and the on-card auto! It’s a pretty big win for Panini.



2 responses to “This way or that way?

  1. I agree, though with a little tweak, this set could be truly awesome and interesting with the chosen photos. The cards you dislike would have been better, and made the set way more interesting if they were reversed. The players headed left place on the right side of the card with the patch cutting on the left and the players headed right (or leaning right in Rodman’s case) left on the current design. Even though I have no interest in basketball at all, these are nice looking cards.

  2. Part of the Panini Preferred collection this year. Looks awesome, just like the other sports.

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