Funny or not?

I saw this auction on ebay.

What are peoples thoughts, funny or lame?



12 responses to “Funny or not?

  1. I’d say funny, but it already has a bid, and the shipping is so high. I’ll be interested to see where it ends.

  2. Hilarious. Sad that a person actually bid though.

  3. If it had been just one auction that would have been pretty funny, but as Greg points out, there are a bunch, and people are bidding. I guess it’s a little funny?

  4. Looks like out and out fraud to me.

  5. It’s not funny because I didn’t think of doing it first. I could have made about $15 bucks!

  6. This guy reminds me of PT Barnum.

  7. I wanna punch this guy in the face.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me. Not only is the seller a d-bag, but I can’t believe there were 2 bids on this! Why did eBay even allow this posting to carry on?

  9. Man, if I ever come up with the cure for stupid, I’m going to make a fortune.

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