I could have been a Contender…

I was heading back to my office after a meeting and my phone chirped. I took a peak and saw a text from my wife. It was a picture of the latest box from Panini. I was very excited to see a nice shiny box of Contenders baseball.

I have been very excited about this since the first few previews dropped a few months ago.

I am going to split the review into two posts. The first focused on what I consider to be one of the better baseball designs in years, the Prospect Ticket subset.

Take a peak.
Look how great these cards look. They are AWESOME!

I have a soft spot for woodgrain designs. I love the wood and the nice simple bold colors. The little logo deal in the lower left corner is a nice mix of modern design with and old school feel. They have a great classic look.

Imagine how great these would have looked with team logos. Come on MLB lets mix it up a little.

I assumed these cards were the base set but they are actually an insert set.

The backs are also very nice and classic.
They have the same little logo deal and it works.

In my dream world, called Kevinville, this is the design of the 2011 Donruss baseball set. Come on MLB, we are waiting…

The cards also have shiny foil versions.
I believe this is the crystal collection variation. They are numbered to 299. This guy is 001/299, ebay 1/1 baby. They also have straight up foil versions numbered to 99.

I also got one 1st Day Proof
I think the gold applications was a little off. The card was numbered to 10, 01/10 to be exact, palindrome time! A nice little variation.

I also pulled two Prospect Ticket autos.
These have the same shine as the foil versions and are both on-card. These are great looking autos. Both are 1st rounders. Panini was able to secure a huge chunk of the 1st rounders.

These are just one piece of the overall product and they rule.

Panini hit it out of the park here. See what I did there?

I will have the rest of the product up in a few days.



One response to “I could have been a Contender…

  1. I go back and forth between really liking the set and wishing it look more like the football Contenders release.

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