More from my crazy father…

I mentioned in the comments of my lat post another of my dads recent acquisitions.
A honest to goodness 1952 Topps Willie Mays!

He never actually told me he bought it he just mentioned that he was starting to work on the the high number cards for his 1952 Topps set. I said, “does that mean you bought a Mays?” He very casually said “Yup”. I get more excited when I tell people about my 1988 Score Gregg Jefferies rookie. His collection is getting absurd.

I have mentioned before his epic quest. He is just the ’52 high series away from being done. Granted that is the single most expensive and sought after chunk of the entire collection, but still.


7 responses to “More from my crazy father…

  1. That’s amazing! Can’t imagine too many people have a ’52 set.

  2. Where would that picture rate on the joys of a completed page?

  3. Ok, first I have to say, that’s just plain ridiculous, and my hat’s off to your dad on an awesome project. But just as much, I had to come here and say, “my dads recent accusations”? REALLY? I’ll be the first to accuse him of not buying the rest of us awesome stuff like he has!

    • Damn you auto correct!

      • Haha, autocorrect go the better of me on my phone today too, and I’ve had to turn it off. I just don’t associate blogging like this with mobile devices yet. That and I have to use this English major somehow! But I take back any criticism of your spelling ability.

  4. Those cards seem to bre floating right out of the pages.

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