SP mojo…

I took the family to visit my parents this past weekend. As is always the case when my dad and I get together the topic of conversation found it’s way to cards.

My dad buys a case of Topps series 1 and 2 each year so I asked him if he picked up his series 1 case yet. He hadn’t but he said he bought a couple of blasters at Traget. he casually mentioned he got this card.
He has the most ridiculous luck when it comes to Topps SPs. He pulled a Santana Mets no-no card, a 2008 Sarah Plain, a 2007 Update Poley Walnuts, a handful of pie in the face cards and from the same batch of 2012 blasters he also pulled this

I have the Albert on ebay for him. He is a major Knicks fan so the plan is to sell it and use the proceeds to buy a couple of Jeremy Lin rookies.



3 responses to “SP mojo…

  1. Wow – that’s some crazy luck – out of a blaster, no less!

  2. That’s awesome!!

  3. My dad is hysterical. He is a major collector but doesn’t really pay attention to trends and stuff so he will have these masive pulls and have no idea he has like a $200 card until I tell him.

    This weekend he also casually mentioned the ’52 Mays he just bought for his set.

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