Contenders football review…

Contenders has been around a long time, over 10 years, ancient by modern card standards.

I have always been a fan and this year is no different.

The base cards are nice and colorful, a little busy but they are growing on me. One thing I noticed while busting my box is with all the info on the “ticket” I found it hard to find the players name.

I like the return to the landscape orientation. The photos are on the smaller side but are really solid, lot’s of good action shots.

The cards look great when you put them in a binder grouped by team.

The backs are sweet.
The black and white photos look good with all the color of the design, a nice contrast. Also big points for using different pictures on the back versus the front.

I am gonna mix up the review a little and go straight to the hits.

I got 5 autos, one being a redemption for Titus Young, not a bad get.

One was on card.
Correy had a nice season, so a cool hit.

It’s hard to review these cards after the awesome 2011 set. I love the color use. I know many don’t like the white box for the auto but it doesn’t bother me at all. I think they are a solid rookie auto set.

Boxes have been giving two on card and three sticker autos. I am gonna guess that Titus will be on card.

My sticker autos.
I pulled four skill players from my box, pretty sweet. Obviously on card autos are better but these are cool as far as stickers go.

Allen only rushed for 8 yards last season, but if Rice jets maybe he will move up the chart and get some more carries.

As always we get a ton of inserts, here they are rapid fire.

Duel draft cards are to be expected in Contenders and these are cool enough.

Rookie Roll Call has been around a while and this years set is one of the better looking in recent years.

The scan doesn’t do these justice, they look awesome in hand. A really great looking set of cards.

This next card is the best looking of the box.
In hand it has an almost satin look, it’s very attractive.
This guy looks good too.

These are beautiful. I really love the look of this set. it really gives you the feel of the Legendary status of these players.

A little Nightrain never hurt anyone.


I also pulled a gold version numbered to 100.

2012 Contenders is all I want from a Contenders release. The strong rookie class makes this a must for football rookie collectors.



6 responses to “Contenders football review…

  1. Those backs made me instantly think of the inaugural season of Pro Set hockey.

  2. Look at the Playoff Tickets and other parallels. Look at the ticket on the front of the card and you’ll see a little nuance that’s pretty cool…if you haven’t noticed already.

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