End of an era (a short era)…

Is this an end of an era in the NHL?

After the cancelled 2004-05 season the NHL was in trouble.

Truth was not many fans in the US cared about hockey before the lockout and even fewer after. The sport needed something to draw in fans, a new star, a savior. They got two.
Sid the Kid and Ovi hit the ice and tore it up. Immediately the league had its new super stars. Both guys won the Hart (Ovi did it twice), both have won the Art Ross and Ovi has a Calder. It became a race to see who would win a cup first. Sid got his in ’09.

Now a few years later the two shining stars of the NHL are anything but. Crosby’s career is in doubt after a few injuries and Ovechkin is barely in the top 50 for points this season. What happened.

I hope they both turn it around. It had the makings of a long hard fought rivalry.

The NHL needs them and so does the hobby. These two guys saved hockey cards and helped establish the ultra high end market. Only Lebron James Exquisite patch/atuo rookie can rival Crosby’s the Cup patch/auto as far as value for a modern card.

If Crosby never plays again it will be up there as far as sports misfortunes go.



4 responses to “End of an era (a short era)…

  1. Too bad about Sid the Kid.

  2. The media created that rivalry because they wanted something to focus on and placing the focus on both of those young guys was the only way they could have sold it. It worked!

    Now they don’t have either of them to look at. 2009 was the peak of that for the simple fact that the NHL gave the media what they wanted…a Pens/Capitals series that was worth every penny. There were even reports out there that said that Eastern Conference semifinal had a higher Neilsen rating than the actually finals. (I don’t know if that is true or not). I still say game 2 of that series was some of the most insane hockey I have seen in 10 years.

  3. PS…


  4. I’ll agree with DFG. This isn’t over. It looks like Ovi is finally getting serious about being in shape and elevating his game and that should lead to a bit of a resurgance for him.

    As for Crosby…I think he’ll be back as well, hopefully better then ever. After all he’s going to be a free agent after next season – imagine the press if he he plays all year without a new deal and puts up 110-120 points.

    I liken the attention that the two of those received post-lockout to the Ripken “Ironman” streak after baseball’s issues. It was something positive to cling to and for PR sake the head honcho’s hammered it as much as they could. It might not have “saved” baseball, but it did a lot to get it going again.

    Same with Crosby and Ovechkin. They got some interest going in the sport and now the league can spread some of its love to other superstars like Malkin, Stamkos and Datsyuk.

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