Low (end) life from high (end) life…

I posted a 2012 Topps football preview the other day. I mentioned it reminded me of Topps Supreme, I pulled out the only Supreme card I have to take a peak.
I really like the design of the set. I haven’t bought any boxes. I can’t bring myself to buy something with such a high price compared to the hit. But I may pick up a few more base cards on ebay.

Anyway here is the preview card again.
The Supreme design had to be the starting point for this set. It is so similar. The only real difference is the team logo on the Supreme is a gold squarish medallion design and the 2012 is a football shaped silver design. Look at the area where they have the name. Same placement of the name, position and number. Even the texture detail in the background is the same on both cards.

Not a shot, just an observation.



4 responses to “Low (end) life from high (end) life…

  1. I have lots of extra supreme cards…….what would you like?

  2. I have available:
    Franco Harris 267/429
    Terry Bradshaw 309/429
    Jared Allen 150/429
    Jared Allen 130/429
    Ponder Rookie 125/429

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