A fan favorite…at Target…

I was at Target earlier today with my son, so off course we had to check out the toy section.

As we perused the lightsabers, tie fighters and matchbox cars I took a peak at the Mcfarlane sports figures. I saw Tom Brady, Clay Mathews, Big Ben, guys I would expect to see and then I saw this guy.
I am a Heath Miller fan. He is a Steelers and Hoo, a bona fide fan favorite in both C-ville and the ‘burgh, but not in a million years would I expect to see him immortalized in plastic.

He has a pair of rings and is a solid option for Ben, but he is a TE, the lowest of all the skill position collector wise. Even as a Steelers fan I am shocked to see his figure, he is far from a huge name in the game, an interesting and welcome addition to the line. I would have bought it but I have enough crap in my house already.


One response to “A fan favorite…at Target…

    I’m also a Heath Miller fan, and I never would’ve expected to see him “McFarlaned”. Maybe someone noticed that you can hear his fan base even deep behind enemy lines.
    I’ll have to think about getting this, even though I have no idea of what I’d do with it.

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