Losing a true legend…

The man behind the look of Star Wars, Ralph McQuarrie died yesterday.

For those that don’t know he was the artist George Lucas hired to flesh out the look and feel of his universe. Lucas may have thought up Star Wars but it was Ralph McQuarrie that gave it the look we all know and love. His original concept paintings are some of the most iconic images in geekdom.
I have a poster of this one. There is something about the lightsabers here that looks really cool, they almost look like plasma. I also love Vader with a pistol on his hip.

He designed the look of all the major character, from Yoda and Vader to the stormtroopers and IG88 and even many of the vehicles and ships.

He has a decent presence in the card world. Many of his early sketches and concept painting are in the 1st Star Wars Galaxy set.
I always loved this card, it’s a fun what could have been look at an early sketch of the main character. Luke as a Girl, Han and Obi Wan as 1 combined character, Chewy as some kind of weird lizard ape and R2 with and arm sticking out of his head.

I love this one, the emperor looks so menacing and vampire like.
This a great shot of Wedge helping take out his second death star.

Unfortunately he doesn’t really have any cards of him the man. He does have at least one auto card in one of the oversized 3d sets.

Ralph was immortalized in a medium far more rare and prestigious than cardboard, plastic.
One of the very few people to have a Star Wars figure that featured their likeness and their actual name. A fitting tribute to perhaps the most influential member of the Star Wars team.



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