Crown Royale review, extra cold edition…

I like Crown Royale, always have. This years hockey offering is no different.

Crown Royale is cool in the same way rhinestones and gold lamay are cool. It is so over the top and so gaudy that it comes back around to cool.

Hockey has the standrad 4 packs per box, one hit per pack breakdown we have come to know and love.

If anything they could have been a little more busy.

The base cards look good and sell pretty well on ebay as far as base cards go.
The base cards are great for team and player collectors. It’s a way to add something over the top and cool on a budget. The crown looks good and I like the curtain detail in the background. One complaint is they didn’t use the team colors in the design as much as in the past. I do like the team color used on the curtain but think a little more woul have been cool.

You also get one RC base per box on average.
I like the light bluish silver crown here.

I also got one red foil parallel.
It’s not numbered so I am not sure how rare it is. It looks cool, the red would be sweet for Detroit, Carolina or Chicago players.

The last base varient is what I would consider to be the best card of the box.
The silver crown and black and white photo gives the card a classic look. Bobby was a beast and a cool get. For some reason 1957-1980 seems like it should be more than 23 years.

The card back states that the golden Jet was rumored to have a 120mph slap shot, day-um thats fast.

The box was surprisingly light on inserts, just two.

This set continues the trend of awesome goalie themed set names. In Harms Way is pretty badass.

The second and last insert looks great.
It’s funny how in a set based on die-cutting a regular old card can look special. All the elements of the card really add up to an attractive presentation. The fact it’s my man Skinner only makes it better.

The hits were cool enough.

I got to regular relic cards.
The best part of these cards is Parros mustache. These cards remind me a lot of Plates and Patches.

I think a little die-cutting would have added a lot to these guys.

The autos are nice as ever. I got one sticker auto.
and one on-card
Both look cool, I almost think I prefer the sticker version.

I could have gone with a little more flash on the inserts and relics, but all and all Crown Royale met my expectations.



4 responses to “Crown Royale review, extra cold edition…

  1. Once again, I really like what Panini did with Crown Royale. Love the photography on the goalie “In Harms Way” set. I’ve seriously considered buying a box to bust, but thus far have only picked up a couple of the relic cards of guys I or my son collect on ebay.

  2. Drop me your address again, I can send you guys some of these cards.

  3. The Crown Royale sets have come along nicely, I love this years design and the In Harm’s Way goalie insert is pretty sweet. You are right, he relic cards do have a similarity to Plates & Patches.

  4. I’ve opened at least one box of Crown Royale since 1998 and I don’t plan to stop now. As you mentioned before, it’s soooo gaudy, it’s AWESOME!

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