Cuban invasion…of Oakland…

Billy Bean is at it again.

He just signed Cuban player Yoenis Céspedes. Yoenis is a mystery. He played in the last World Baseball classic but not too much is known about the man.

The A’s call his signing a calculated risk, it will be interesting to see who things go in O town.

Card wise he has a few and they are on fire.
I am a little pissed about all this, let me explain.

I have a ton of the stupid WBBC cards that were all over Topps products back in ’09. Stacks of them, but not a single card of this guy. I have about 12 Phil AMonte cards but no Yoenis.

His chrome WWC form Bowman is selling for about $30 and his Bowman Sterling relic card about $45. He laso has a card in Topps chrome that is selling for a little less than the Bowman.

If anyone has any this is the time to sell.

I hope he has a good year.



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