Tearing it up inside the Beltway…

I live about 3 hours from DC but still get DC area TV stations, so I have been hearing a ton about the new Nationals.

I was living in DC when the Nats first hit town. I was excited to see baseball back in the city. I casually follow the team. I even had a Nick Johnson Nats jersey at one point. I wouldn’t mind seeing them finally have some success.

I think they are close.

Davey Johnson at the helm brings some hope to the table.

Player wise they are getting awfully close to a solid team, including some bona fide stars.

I think this seaons will be the year this guy finally gets his due.
Ryan Z has been one fo the top 3rd basemen for years. I am going to say the fans take notice and he gets the nod as starting NL 3rd base in the All Star game.

He did just sign a big contract, something that doesn’t always bode well, but I have faith in the former Hoo.

Helping the Z man bring some wins is gonna be this guy.
He won’t have the crazy stuff he had back in ’10, but I see him being a dominant pitcher. I foresee a slight resurgence of Stras-mania.

Then there is this guy.
He will start in the minors but by years end he is in the bigs making some waves.

I’m not saying they are World Series bound this year, but I could see them in the playoff hunt late into the summer.



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