Wow, that is a lot and a half…

Check out this lot on ebay.

Wow, that’s a haul and half right there. I wonder how much it will sell for.



3 responses to “Wow, that is a lot and a half…

  1. It will go extremely high but I’m always leery of guys that pop up on the Bay with little to no seller rankings but miraculously have the greatest collection ever.

  2. I love all the “ebay descriptions”, like that everything is a 1/1.

    “2007 SP Authentic By the Letter Rookie Signature Tim Lincecum Autograph RC Numbered 50/50 1/1”

    No… that’s 50/50, morons. There’s 49 others. I’ve got # 21/50 of that same card.

    I’d bet it’s either a scam, or someone who either bought up a store that was closing, got a deal on an estate sale, or something similar.

  3. Whats with all the conspiracy and scam stuff, can’t someone just want to sell their cards?

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