Monster trade bait post…

I woke up with the urge to move the collection around a little. Trade some of my stuff for some new stuff. Here is what i have to offer.

Numbered to 50

numbered to 10



Post any offers or send me an e-mail at mojo-k- @



11 responses to “Monster trade bait post…

  1. Interested in the Nash, Stamkos, David Lee, and Cutler. I already have a few things set aside for you.

  2. I’m always interested in hearing what you want for the hockey stuff. If you don’t want to dump it all at once though, I’m mainly interested in the Savard, the CR Burrows auto, the Katic Certified, and the Stamkos GU.

    • I am kinda on a basketball kick, but drop me an e-mail and let me know what you are thinking trade wise.

      Also Greg gets first crack at the Stamkos

  3. I’m very much interested in the Yorman Rodriguez. I know we haven’t traded before so I’m sort of at a loss regarding what you’re interested in but maybe you could point me to the right place or send me some ideas – if you find a minute. I appreciate it. Thanks.

  4. Joe from the D

    I’ll call dibs on the Mantle, the Bailey, the Castro’s and the Steve Smith patch. I’ll email you with my trade bait.

  5. I have no trade bait, so I’m out. But wow if the Bears Dual and the Parrish auto aren’t just beautiful cards.

  6. i would love the sketch card and the Mantle if you and Joe can’t work something out.

  7. I emailed you anyways about the Parrish. Hopefully you got it – haven’t gotten a response yet.

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