Third times a charm…

So the Colts ownership showed their true colors and released the est player they ver had, and probably will ever have.


I don’t get it. Keeping Peyton attached to the organization has to be worth far more than they would have had to pay him. Anyway…

So Peyton is up for grabs.

I say the Vikes need to make a play for the man. The Vikes have had success with older QBs. The best two seasons I can remember were 1998 and 2009. Both season saw the Vikes a play away from the Super bowl. Both teams were lead by aging QBs.

Some may say an older QB isn’t a long term solution to your QB problem. Here is my answer, who gives a $#!@. I want a Super Bowl!!!

Success in the NFL is pretty fleeting. An injury here and there can take a team from a contender to 2-14, just look at the colts. The vikings two bigest weapons, AP and Jared Allen aint getting any younger. AP has already been banged up, the time is now.

Peyton can bring the Vikes a Championship. He will have a number of solid weapons, he can play in a dome, it’s prefect.

What better exclamation to his career than bringing the hapless vikes a ring.

It aint gonna happen, if I was gonna put money on it i say he ends up in Miami, but a man can dream.



2 responses to “Third times a charm…

  1. I can’t believe they got rid of him, but that’s business I guess. I don’t have a preferred team really. The ‘Skins would be interesting because most of my family are fans. I think the most exciting would be Arizona Cardinals. Pairing Peyton and Fitzgerald would maybe be the scariest QB/WR pairing ever.

  2. ‘CCO says the Vikes are 100% NOT going to go after Peyton. Somehow, I have a sneaky feeling they still will.

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