…and the rest…

I dropped a post on the woodgrain design Contenders baseball cards from panini about a week ago.
I love these cards.

The rest of the set is pretty solid as well, here it is, in living color.

A strong design. A little dark for my taste but still nice.

There is a chunk of current big leaguers. Pujols and Josh up there are the two biggest of the crew. They don’t have logos so some folks won’t like that, but that aint on Panini. MLB? Are you listening?

The prospect cards.
Same design as the big leaguers except it says “Draft Ticket” instead of “Season Ticket”.

I was happy to see the large number of Twins guys here. I am easy to please just give me a few cards that say “Minnesota” somewhere and I am a fan.

The backs are cool.
Simple and nice.

They have all kinds of variants.
This is a xfractry looking deal, numbered to 299. I got a handful of them. They look cool in person. Nice and shiny.

Here is another shiny card and a “playoff” varient of a base card. It’s got a foil shine and nice mirrory lettering, numbered to 99.

This isn’t a parallel, but I really like the way it looks.
The bold blue background, the ice looking image, the classic bat forward pose. This is a really nice looking card, my favorite of the entire break.

I got 3 base autos and one special auto.
Cool enough. I have the feeling the wood-grain autos will carry a slight premium over these guys.

Anyone know if any of these guys are good?

I also got this sweetness.
I like baseball cover autos. The card has a solid feel. Thick but not too thick.


There are a TON, so here they are rapid fire.

These rae my favorite of all the inserts. In hand they have a nice shine. I really like the design.

My second favorite is this dude.
In hand it has a nice mirror finish that doesn’t come across in the scan. Very attractive.

There are a mess of these award winner cards.
Look at the size of that helmet.

Here are a few more.
A nice mix of current pros and prospects.

There are also a nice selction of duel cards.
Once again a mix of pros and prospects.

I got 3 of these number one pick cards.

When you combine these with the woodgrain cards form the earlier post you have a pretty nice release. Now if MLB will give them a license. MLB, are you listening?



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