Buying into the hype…

I will admit it, I bought into the Jeremy Lin hype, I even went out and bought this,

I payed 13 bucks for it. You ca judge me if you want just remember, “Judge Not, lest ye be Judged”. I think this is exactly what they had in mind when pen first hit parchment.

13 bucks isn’t too bad for the card. He and the Knicks have slumped a little, well a lot actually. Lin is still playing well above initial expectations. I think he will be a star yet in the league.

This is my favorite non-auto rookie of his. The pose and look on his face are kinda silly.

An asid about the card. I bought it of ebay from a seller with just 23 feedbacks. The card arrived in a non-padded mailer. not a big deal, but insid that the card was just wrapped in a paper towel, not even a top loader! Yikes.


One response to “Buying into the hype…

  1. As I’ve been saying since this started, when Carmelo comes back they are going to fall. Hey, look what happened!

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