This is just a Tribute…

I was at the ol’ hobby shop with my dad and we each grabbed a pack of Topps Tribute.

I must admit when I hear Tribute one thing comes to mind,

Topps should do some kind of crossover.

Anyway. Neither of us pulled an auto but we did get some nice relics. Here is what I pulled.
Not too bad. Topps really can make some nice high end looking cards. In person it really is a beauty, a real nice chrome almost satin finish look to it. I am not the biggest fan of encapsulated cards though. In general Tribute seems a little steep price wise but at least this years stuff is mostly on-card.

I don’t have a ton of Ortiz stuff so he is always a welcome find.



2 responses to “This is just a Tribute…

  1. Do you notice the unnaturally placed gap between the PA and PI as well as the PO and WER? Is that because they used two 1×1 swatches and the diecutter for the lettering was gauged to fit? Or is this just a spacing error with their design template. It is a nice looking card though.

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