The Wolves dropped two over the last few days as their playoff hopes teater on the brink. Then Rubio goes down, uh oh.

To help keep things on the up and up in T-Wolves country K-Love dropped another 30+ game scoring 31 versus the Hornets. He is becoming a true MVP caliber player, widely regarded as the best power forward in the game.

A guy that hasn’t recieved much attention but is having a solid year is center Nikola Pekovic. A second year player that is far from a household name. He is averaging 12.7 ppg and 7.3 boards a game, both pretty solid for a center.

He is just as unknown on cardboard with only 2 base cards and two autos out there. His only rookie is in last years National Treasures. It sells around 10-20 bucks on ebay with the auto version selling well over a $100.

His only other card is in this years Hoops. It also has an auto variation and I have one.
Nothing like pulling the card you want from a handful of packs.

If the Wolves become contenders his cards could continue to climb. Even now his Hoops auto variant regularly sells for over $20, not too shabby. The only guys regularly selling for more have names like Durrant, Kobe, Blake and Lin.



One response to “Underrated…

  1. Pekovic is huge in fantasy basketball….guy has been second to lin in terms of fantasy surprise success this year. But you’re right that he’s a total unknown otherwise. It’s a shame because he’s awesone

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