Most HOFer in a single rookie (card) class…

So we took a peak at 1954 and 1955 Topps epic collection of HOFer rookies. Some readers (Mike) pointed out that 1951 Bowman has Mantle, Mays and Ford, maybe even more epic. 1965 also has three, Catfish Hunter, Joe Morgan and Lefty as does 1957 with the Robinson brothers and Don Drysdale. More recently 1983 has three with Boggs, Gwynn and Ryno-mite.

I got thinking what year has the most HOFer rookies?

One year reigns supreme, 1975. With 4, count ‘um 4 HOfer rookies.

Not too bad.

In other sports we have some big years as well.

1984-85 hockey also has 4.
Pat Lafontaine
Cam Neeley
Doug Gilmore
and this guy

Another guy from that class, Chris Chelios, just retired in ’10 so isn’t up yet. My guess is the HOF voters will be to scared to not vote for him. If that’s the case we will have 5 HOFers in one year.

But that’s not all. USA hockey HOFer Tom Barrasso is also in the set.

Also with 4 is 1988-89 Fleer bball with Rodman, Pippen Reggie Miller and this guy.

1989 football may be the winner overall with 8 HOFers
Michael Irvin
Thurman Thomas
Randell Mcdaniel
Barry Sanders
Troy Aikman
Derrick thomas
Deion Sanders
Rod Woodson

All guys are in Score except Randell, he has a card in Pro Set.

If you count traded sets you get 1 more, Dermontti Dawson giving you 9


Are there any sets I’m missing?



6 responses to “Most HOFer in a single rookie (card) class…

  1. Depending how far back you want to go. In football, the 1957 topps set has seven HOF RC.
    They are: Steelers defensive back Jack Butler, Cardinals defensive back Dick “night train” Lane, Colts wide receiver Raymond Berry, Packers quarterback Bart Starr, Eagles wide receiver Tommy McDonald, Colts quarterback Johnny Unitas and Packers running back Paul Hornung.
    Can’t argue with that class.

  2. I think 1969-70 Topps bball may have a few HOFers as well.
    I know Kareem and Bill Bradley for sure. but it is a little like the ’86-87 Fleer set. It was the first set in a while so a ton of guys that had been around awhile had RCs. not sure if that counts.

  3. Adam - arpsmith

    What about 86-87 Fleer Basketball?
    Charles Barkley
    Clyde Drexler
    Joe Dumars
    Patrick Ewing
    Michael Jordan
    Karl Malone
    Chris Mullin
    Hakeem Olajuwon
    Isiah Thomas
    Dominique Wilkins
    James Worthy

    I know it is kind of cheating since there were so many years without cards.

  4. 1951 Bowman also has HOFers Monte Irvin, and Nellie Fox to go along with Mantle, Mays and Ford.

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