Win free cards…answer posted in comments…winner coming tonight

Here is the prize

Look at all these cards and see if you can find what they all have in common. It could be about the players, it could be something in the pictures, it could be anything. Leave a comment with the answer. I will leave it up a few days. If multiple people get it correct I will randomly pick a winner.

I have it so comments have to be approved so no one can steal the correct answer.

Good luck.









As a hint this card is only 50% the same as the rest.




21 responses to “Win free cards…answer posted in comments…winner coming tonight

  1. Superduperman99

    They all end with the letter s like gold medalists or twins.

  2. prime # jersey cards

  3. I’ll go with all the players’ jersey numbers are prime numbers (except Morneau in the last one).

  4. something about prime numbers?

  5. So tricky!

    My guess is they’re all American? Morneau is Canadian and your last card was only 50% true so that makes sense. I also thought maybe the Team USA thing was a hint.

  6. The jersey numbers are all prime numbers.

  7. All the uniform numbers are prime numbers.

  8. I’m going to say that their jersey numbers are all Prime Numbers. If that isn’t it, I have no idea.

  9. All of the guys have jersey numbers that are prime numbers. Except Justin Morneau, of course (3*11), but that satisfies the 50% requirement you mentioned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. All cards show the players number.

  11. Realized after my first guess… they are all prime numbers…. thus the 50% one at the end!

  12. The subjects feet are not visible.

  13. My husband showed me this puzzle. He was so proud of me that I figured it out that he said I had to enter on my own. All the players’ numbers are prime. Hey, I’m a math major. ๐Ÿ™‚ Still learning this baseball thing though.

  14. For the most part, the athletes are oriented on the center of the card.

  15. And their jersey numbers are prime numbers . . . except for Morneau.

  16. Torrance Houlihan

    Come on…prime numbers!

    All of us here in Cville are smart enough to see that!

    Btw – enjoy your blog. Do you work at one of the stores in town?

    • I didn’t know I had a reader in town. I don’t work at either of the shops, I work at UVa.

      I agree C-ville folks are pretty samrt. It’s all the time there is to think while stuck in traffic on route 29.

  17. None graduated from college until after their pro career had begun.

  18. Well a mess of people got it right. All jersey numbers are prime. On the Twins card 7 is but 33 isn’t, hence %50 the same

    I will do the random thing later tonight an anounce the winner.

  19. The big winner is…Josh D.

    Drop me an e-mail with your address and i will get it in the mail.

    Thanks to all.

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