The new Hotness…

I am gonna make a generalization and say most collectors are a little tired of relic cards. Autos also seem a little boring. So whats the new big thing?

It seems the card companies are making a run at reviving an older concept and making it the new hotness. Die-cutting.

Die-cut cards aint nothin’ new. They have been around for a few decades. They reached a fever pitch and the late ’90s and then pretty much disappeared.

Now it seems justa bout every preview of a new set includes die-cut cards.

Even well established brands like bowman chrome, a brand that has traditionaly had a very conservative flavor design wise got into die-cutting.

Collectors seem ready for die-cutting second coming. Just look how well received last years Topps Diamond die-cuts went over.

Die-cutting can be very useful.
Cards with this type of rounded die-cut corners make acidental corner damage when putting a card in a page or a case non-existent.

I for one welcome our new die-cut overlords.

But nay sayers and Debbie Downers don’t worry. This too will get run into the ground ๐Ÿ˜‰



3 responses to “The new Hotness…

  1. I agree…relic/game used cards are getting boring. At least the companies could go back to doing non-jersey/bat type cards. I want to see more hat, helmet, shoe, base, goal post kind of stuff. Kudos to Panini for doing those Net Fusion cards of NFL kickers.

    As far as die-cuts go I love ’em. The wilder the cut the better. I like the idea of combining die-cuts and relics. At least they are a little different.

  2. A long as they don’t die-cut chrome. I have a hard enough time getting die cut cards in sleeves without them being curled too. Actually why don’t they just dup chrome all together.

  3. As long as the die-cut has something to do with the card or the set I am all for it but when the cut is made simply for the hell of it there is no point. Sets like the Topps Diamond die-cut are pretty sweet but in the case of the 2010 Donruss Basketball it seems like Panini just went cut crazy. Some added to the card like the base card, Gamers and Master die-cuts but then look at the cuts made on the Craftsmen, Magicians and Product Line inserts. They were just strange, an “L” cut in to the Craftsmen, the corner cut off of the Magicians and the top angle on the Product Line were all just hideous.

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