Centering challenge…

I am in the market for a 1979 Ozzie Smith rookie and have been hunting ebay for a few weeks.

Is there a harder card to find well centered?

You can find card in great shape but they are all like 90/10. Even cards that are in the neighborhood of 70/30 sell at a pretty high amount. When do you find one centered they go for crazy amounts. Well crazy for a late ’70s ungraded card anyway.

Why did ’79 Topps have such a centering problem? Much worse than other sets in it’s era.



One response to “Centering challenge…

  1. I have tons of ’79 Topps that are off center, so I’d venture to say it’s pretty common. I always tend to lean to the graded stuff once I’m looking for a big card from a set. It costs a little more, but I feel better knowing it’s condition is what I want and it is more than likely not to be a fake.

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