Picture time…

The last handful of posts have been scan free so I feel the need to drop a scan. Here is what I have decided to go with.
I love the ’84 Topps design. Not so much because it is a particularly good design but for its stature in the ’80 collecting world.

’84 has the rookies of Mattingly and Strawberry, arguably two of the biggest of that time. As a kid I couldn’t afford Donruss or Fleer so it was all Topps. The love of those two cards has stuck with me.

I also love the powder blue Twins road unis. Powder blue may have been the uniform color of the ’80s. It needs to make a come back. Blue Jays, Royals, Phillies, Twins, Brewers, Seattle…, so many teams can rock them!

Hrbek was a monster, look at that animal. God I miss watching him play.


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