How do you like your patch…

In the beginning there were jersey cards.

To mix it up from time to time you got a jersey piece with a stipe.

Then came patches.

Then it got nutty. Letter pieces, laundry tags, logomen…

So what is the best type of patch piece?

We have the standard nondescript patch

Then there is the multi color/multi break patch

Then there are pieces from the nameplate

We also get cards with a mess of random patches tossed together

Pieces of logo

Laundry tags

Then there is my favorite, the singe color patch

I prefer a nice simple multi color patch. The Biggio up there is a perfect patch piece in my mind.

What about ya’ll? What is your favorite patch?


4 responses to “How do you like your patch…

  1. My favorite patch is a nice multi-colored piece from an actual jersey worn by the player depicted on the card. It is then partnered up with a nice certificate of authenticity that actually leaves a collector feeling confident about what he/she is holding.

  2. Haha I like Fuji’s answer.

    But my favorite is a nice logo piece, especially Jaguars from the NFL. Then nameplate probably, then a few colors, then plain. I hate laundry tags…I get why they’re sought after but they’re highly faked and they don’t ever look that nice to me.

  3. Ahhhh… nice Biggio… it makes me all drooly and envious of the owner…

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