We’re not the only crazy ones…

Toy/Star Wars collectors are just as if not crazier than card collectors.

Just checkout this auction.

This isn’t the only one of it’s kind on ebay either.

It’s so looney. I am not a fan of graded stuff in general and this is taking it too far. You don’t even get to see the figure. It’s pretty much a graded box.

I am not taking a shot at the seller. If someone will pay money for it more power to them.



One response to “We’re not the only crazy ones…

  1. I bought 2 of them, along with a missile launching R2-D2, an un-circulated Luke Skywalker in his Hoth winter gear covered in Ton Ton entrails, and 3 talking Jar Jar Binks figures. Star Wars is neat.

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