Heritage blaster…

I like Heritage, the concept and the cards themselves. It’s just a fun break.

I picked up a blaster the other night.

I was a never a huge fan of the 1963 design. Here in the heritage set it works much better. I think modern printing technology gives you much stronger colors and this design is all about color.
Just like ’75 there are a mess of color combination, some better than others.

This here is my favorite.
Heritage just seems made for Yankees super stars like Arod and and his buddy Jeter.

This years set seems to have a lot more rookies than is typical for Topps heritage. Including the first card of wundekind Jesus Montero as a Mariner.
I also got a card of Yankee prospect Austine Romine

Just like 1963 you get multi player rookies with the infamous floating heads.
These cards are ugly but I like them a lot.

A lot of the guys on multi plater cards also have stand alone cards (unlike the blueberry, if anyone gets that I will be really happy).

There are ton of SP and variants and all that. I got a couple SP but nothing too fancy. In Target blasters they have these red border cards.
I am undecided on these.

The card backs are really nice.
Very crisp.

I got one of the mini sticker deals as well.
I like this card fine enough.

It’s a fun product. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.



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