Preferred preference…

Panini recently dropped their second bball set of the season and it’s a doozy.

Preferred is a high end offering with a hodgepodge of various cards. Everything is either an auto or a multi patch booklet. Each box has 3 autos and one booklet.

The box it’s self is huge, it just a tad smaller than my laptop. Inside are three packs with on auto each and the booklet card just chillin out. My booklet was pretty cool.

Up front I saw this.
I opened her up and saw these dudes.
Pretty cool. My dad is a huge knicks fan so this is heading his way.

My first auto was OK.
I like the design and on card is always cool. As far as the player, I am not really sure who he is.

Craig is numbered to 99, 19/99 to be exact. you know what they say, party like it’s 1999.

The next auto was a step up.
Frank isn’t the biggest name from the Celtics of the ’50s but he is a HOFer. Pretty sweet. The card looks like an homage to the 1998 Signature Series from back in the day.

Frank is numbered 01/74, ebay 1/1 baby.

The final auto was a monster.
Sweetness. I love these cards and this one is facing the right way, score. This is a sweet looking card.

Gary aint a HOFer yet, but will be.

He is numbered 05/10. This card would probably bring enough on ebay to cover the cost of a box.

Preferred is pretty cool. It’s a high end roll of the dice but can offer up some really sweet cards.


3 responses to “Preferred preference…

  1. I love the Crown Royale silhouette’s, especially in hockey. That Payton looks very nice and it’s nice to have the silhouette working properly!

  2. Brackins is an Iowa State standout! ๐Ÿ™‚ One of my guys.

    Unfortunately for you, his autos don’t go for too much. I have picked up several for just a couple bucks.

  3. I like the Crown Royale designs and The Glove’s auto is pretty sweet. I am glad they used a Sonics image and jersey from his peak years.

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