MLB predictions…

We are getting closer and closer to the first pitch of the MLB season.

Since this is a blog on the internet and the internet is all about making crazy predictions like somehow it means something I am going to go ahead and make some predictions for the 2012 MLB season.

I am going to start with my picks for AL MVP, here are my three front runners in no particular order.

He says being a dad has helped him focus and improved his game. As a fellow dad I can relate. I say he has a monster season.

This is the year he officially takes the reigns of the Yanks.

J to the E had a big season last year and i see him stepping it up this season.

I want to include this guy even though it’s a long shot.
Nothing would make me happier than seeing the little man have a MONSTER season.




8 responses to “MLB predictions…

  1. That Gordon is a beaut.

  2. Well, if Revere can finally throw further than halfway to the cutoff and can learn how to hit better than Drew Butera, this year WILL be a monster year for him–at least compared to last. One amazing catch should not a year make. :\

  3. No love for Longo?

    • I don’t have any real good Longoria cards, so I am sticking with these guys. I need an MVP that boosts my collection. With my sweet AG red auto he is my clear front runner.

  4. Longoria in AL! Kemp due for a slide in NL

  5. the above players are AL, josh

  6. oops my bad josh

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