Honus Wagner from a galaxy far far away…

I love me some cards and I love me some Star Wars therefor I really love me some Star Wars cards.

There are a ton of cool sets and butt load of great inserts.

But what is the top dog card. Baseball has Honus Wagner. But what about Star Wars?

Lets do this SAT style.

Baseball is to…


Star Wars is to…

The 30th Anniversary Han Solo auto has sold for as high as 10k. It’s super rare, I believe they only made 10. On top of that Harrison Ford is not only the biggest name from the movies but also notorious for rarely signing and keeping his distance from Star Wars over the years. It also helps that it’s a nice looking card with a sweet picture of everyones favorite scoundrel.

Pair this with a nice Peter Mayhew auto and you have a nice little collection.



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