Bring me your 1952 Topps commons…

I have a new quest.

I am looking for 1952 topps high numbers. Anything above #311.

We have the entire ste up to #310.

The last series is gonna be the hard part.

I am willing to pay $80 straight up per common. Of course there is room for negotiation beyond that. If you know any dealers that have ’52 topps high numbers please let me know.

I am also looking for stars from that series including the Mantle.

This is the mother of all searches and I can’t wait to start making some deals.



3 responses to “Bring me your 1952 Topps commons…

  1. You might hit up Roger Nuefeldt at Sports Memories of Oklahoma. He has a huge selection of vintage cards.

  2. I have some lower grade ’52 Topps high numbers that you may be interested in: Bobby Thomson (313) Joe Rossi (379) Jake Pitler (395)


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